What I do

Yoga classes in English

Yoga classes in English in Vienna, in collaboration with the Impact Hub Vienna.

Private yoga classes

Private yoga classes in Vienna: for those who don't make it to the yoga studio or who would like to focus their yoga practice on specific body conditions.

Grinberg Method sessions

The Grinberg Method enables us to raise our level of attention towards our own body and our state of wellbeing. It uses touch, breath, movement, exercises to increase the ability to pay attention to our own body.

Yoga and sailing

Yoga and sailing: an unforgettable holiday! We sail among the beautiful turquoise waters of La Maddalena Archipelago, we do our yoga practice and excursions on the beaches and islands of La Maddalena National Park



Yoga instructor and Grinberg Method practitioner, sailing and theatre passionate, former environmental engineer and world nomad
About me

I work as yoga instructor and practitioner of the Grinberg Method. I am passionate about teaching people how daily life and stress situations may negatively influence our wellbeing through wrong posture and accumulate tensions in specific areas of the body. With awareness and guidance we can recognise how we hold the body and how to break free from limiting body/mind patterns.

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